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A Dee Dee Cartoon
Season 3, Episode 7b
A Dee Dee Cartoon
Air date June 7, 2002
Production number 307b
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino

A Dee Dee Cartoon is the second part of the 7th episode of season 3 in Dexter's Laboratory. The episode revolves around Dee Dee going into her own lab because Dexter won't let her play in his.


Dexter won't let Dee-Dee play in his lab. So she goes to her own.


Dee Dee is playing in Dexter's lab and he tells her to get out and she goes into her room and she leaves so she can go to her own laboratory in her own room. She goes into a pink frilly bouncy girly fun little laboratory where there's a bunch of fun little inventions. Her Computer warns her about a meteor that is headed for earth. She goes to the Robo Dee Do 3000. She battles the meteor and wins and heads back to her lab to end of the day for Dee-Dee and her fun little adventures.


Major Roles

Dee Dee

Mr. Bunny doodle


Minor Roles


Monkey (Cameo)

Mom (Non-Speaking Cameo)


Mr. Bunny Doodle was from the previous episode and he appeared in there again.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode aired on 2002, it was actually made in 2001 according to the credits.