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A Third Dad Cartoon
Season 3, Episode 9b
Production number 310b
A Third Dad Cartoon

A Third Dad Cartoon is the second part of the 9th aired and 10th produced episode of the third season of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on June 21, 2002. 


On a sunny day, Dad takes his children to a golf course. He prepares to hit the golf ball with a good swing. Just as he is about to hit the ball, a thunderstorm suddenly moves in. He calls it a day and goes home with Dexter and Dee Dee.




  • This episode marks the third time where Dexter doesn't have any speaking roles, the first being DiM and the second being A Silent Cartoon.
    • This is also Dee Dee's second episode that doesn't feature any speaking roles.


Cultural References

Episode Connections

  • Dad was seen playing golf in the later episode "Tee Party".

Production Notes

  • It was the third cartoon about him training golf, but it takes too long while it rains. This episode it's aired out of production order.