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Action dexter

Action Dexter

Action Dexter is Dexter's Future Self as an adult. He has big muscles and can fight like a man. He is pure epic. He can operate and control weaponry which he uses to fight evil in the dark future where Overlord Mandark rules over the world.


Action Dexter is a big muscular man who has an orange beard and glasses. He wears a black shirt and a white ripped lab coat. It's revealed he has gone bald and that Old Man Dexter was actually wearing a wig.


  • He still has Dexter's accent.
  • He is the only one of Dexter's future selves that has not been seen in any other episodes besides Ego Trip.
  • He and Action Hank have many similarities and traits.
  • Action Dexter, unlike the other Dexters, was not voiced by Christine Cavanaugh. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett instead.

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