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Another Dad Cartoon
Season 3, Episode 11b
Another Dad Cartoon
Air date July 5, 2002
Production number 309b
Written by Cindy Morrow
Directed by Chris Savino

Another Dad Cartoon is the second part of the 11th episode of season 3. In this episode, Dad spends the day dancing while Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mom are out shopping.


Dexter, Mom, and Dee-Dee leave Dad at home while they all to go to the store to go shopping for some goodies. When they leave Dad knows that be is now finally alone so be can do something in private that he doesn't want anyone to see him doing. He closes the blinds and curtains so no one can see into his house. Then he takes off his pants and goes up into bis room. In there, he turns on the radio and dances around in his underwear like a Tom Cruise thingy. He boogies and shakes all around the house acting like nobody can see him of what he's doing. He jazzes out on the table and has a load of fun doing musical business. When Dexter, Mom, and Dee-Dee come home, he goes back to normal and acts like nothing happened and they don't suspect a thing in the world. Foreshadowing with his third cartoon and the episode ends.


Major Roles

  • Dad

Minor Roles

  • Dexter
  • Dee-Dee
  • Mom



Cultural References

Production Notes

  • It was the second Dad's Cartoon, when the episodes being aired out of production order.