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Babysitter Blues

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Episode #
Craig McCracken
Craig McCracken
Rob Renzetti
Aired date
November 27, 1996
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Babysitter Blues is the twenty-third episode of season one of Dexter's laboratory. it is the twenty-third episode overall.


Warning: Spoilers and Ending Details follow!

Dexter's parents are going on a date, so they leave Dexter and Dee Dee home with a babysitter, Lisa. Dexter has a crush on Lisa, and tries to keep Dee Dee out of the way by telling her to look for something. Dexter's plan is ruined when he realizes Lisa has a close boyfriend, Jeff. So he uses his computer to disguise his voice and break the two up. When he sees Lisa crying, he tries to comfort her and tell her to "stop dating jocks and go for the more bookish type."

Lisa thinks Dexter is very sweet, and says that if he were ten years older she would date Dexter. Dexter runs to his lab and increases his age, unfortunately  his older self is not nearly as handsome as he thought it would be, instead looking like a stereotypical nerd. He scares Lisa when she sees his older self, who has pimples, a pocket protector and a rounder face.  When Dee Dee assumes that teenage Dexter is what she has been looking for, Dexter runs for his life until the doorbell rings. Jeff, who thought Lisa broke up with him for someone named Dexter, arrives at the house and says "Is your name Dexter?" When Dexter answers yes, he gets punched in the face by the jealous boyfriend.



  • Lisa and Jeff make their first and only appearances.
  • Teenage Dexter's only appearance besides Ego Trip, and he could have been younger than the one in Ego Trip since this one had pimples.
  • Since Dexter is eight, this means Lisa could be eighteen years old, since she said she would date Dexter if he were ten years older.


  • When Dexter called the house phone the first time and Dee Dee answered, his voice was not disguised. But when he called the house phone again and Lisa answered, Dexter's voice was disguised to sound like Jeff's. This could be a mistake, or when the episode turned to Lisa's point of view when she answered the phone, Dexter pushed a button to disguise his voice.

Cultural References

  • The title is most likely a parody of the popular phrase "Baby Blues."
  • Lisa calls Jeff her little Fuzzy Lumpkins. Fuzzy Lumpkins is the name of a villain from The Powerpuff Girls.

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