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Blackfoot and Slim

Season: 2
Episode: 100
Writer: Seth MacFarlane


John McIntyre

Art Director: Craig McCracken

Chris Savino

Narration: Tom Kenny

Blackfoot and Slim is the first part of episode 36 of season 2, which aired on April 22, 1998. The episode is a parody of nature documents as shown on Animal Planet.


A documentary shows Tom Kenny narrating the secret lives of Dexter and Dee Dee, also known as Blackfoot and Slim, "Blackfoot" and "Slim" in their "natural habitat." How they work and how they even eat. Before Tom could witness this documentary further, Blackfoot discovered him and makes a run for it, but Tom Kenny tranquelizes him.


  • Tom Kenny: Nearly upon his meal, Blackfoot is knocked out of the running by larger more agdual creatures. Who go with the act of eating in a grossom animalisitic manner! OH, I can't watch!
  • Tom Kenny: Hey, that tickles!
  • Tom Kenny: Amazing!


  • Dexter is seen running around with his head on fire, just like he did in Dexter's Assistant.
  • Various scenes in this episode spoof the movie, Die Hard, such as Dexter's clothing in one scene.
  • Tom Kenny is the only voice of this episode.


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