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Aliases Red Vulture
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations The Scavengers (henchmen)
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Pharaoh's Heart Ruby
First Appearance Dyno-Might
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

Buzzard is a super villain and an updated version of the Red Vulture from the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. He is the archenemy of the Blue Falcon and his sidekick Dynomutt. He appeared in the episode Dyno-Might, where he tried to steal the Pharaoh's Heart Ruby and dealt a near-fatal blow to Dynomutt, forcing the Blue Falcon to seek out Dexter's aid to save him.


He is a tall and lanky man who wears a vulture-themed costume with gray boots and gray bird claws on his hands.


Buzzard's henchmen, the Scavengers.

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