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Comedy of Feathers
Season 4, Episode 26
Air date November 20, 2003
Written by Kevin Kaliher
Directed by Don Judge
Chris Savino

Comedy of Feathers is an episode of Dexter's Lab where Dexter goes to the zoo with Dee Dee.


Dexter and Dee Dee go to the zoo and Dee Dee takes major interest to an ostrich she finds there.


Mom and Dad make Dexter take Dee Dee to the zoo. Dee Dee is going crazy with joy for going to the zoo. She goes nuts over every single animal there especially the ostrich. She wants to make the ostrich more beautiful and she does alot of funky silly wacky goofy things with it. In the end, Dee Dee and the ostrich switch places and Dee Dee stays at the zoo while Dexter goes home with the ostrich.



  • This was the series finale of Dexter's Laboratory.
  • When Dee Dee said, "Lions, Tigers, and Bears." and Dexter said "Oh My." This was a reference to The Wizard of Oz.

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