Crazy Robot
Crazy Robot is one of Dexter's inventions created in the episode That Crazy Robot.


Crazy Robot appeared in the episode That Crazy Robot. After Dee Dee removes a wrench that was causing him to be inactive, the robot becomes her servant. As Dee Dee's servant he followed her around everywhere she went and helped her with things like getting dressed, fixing her hair, and cheating on a test. Unfortunately the Robot thought it had to protect Dee Dee from anyone who hurt, teased, or even admonished her. After attacking Lee Lee, Mee Mee, Mom, and Dexter, he was shut down by Dee Dee.


Crazy Robot has a shiny metallic silver exterior. He has circular yellow eyes, and a rectangular blue mouth that glows green when he's happy and red when he's angry. He also has two antennas coming out of the sides of his head, and two red knobs on his chest with a yellow rate screen in between.