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D & DD is the seventh episode of season two of Dexter's Laboratory. It is the forty-sixth episode overall.


The episode starts off with Dexter and his friends in the a game of Monsters and Mazes trying to find a Grail. They meet someone named Soras, Master of Doom, who is later revealed to be Dexter himself, the Game Master (Dungeon Master). Dexter's friends knows he is cheating by changing his dice all the time and they point out his obsession with killing their characters off. Then Dee Dee, Dexter's sister, enters the kitchen and wants to play M&M as well. Everyone, including Dexter's mother, think it is OK, but Dexter protests. Somehow, Dee Dee manages to become Game Master and appoints the character of Hodo, the furry-footed burrower to Dexter, this is a parody on the hobbit Frodo from LotR Trilogy. The four 'Heroes' encounter a dragon, which turns out to be a pinhata. Dexter hates this idea of playing the game, but when he finds his favorite candy, a Pixie Stick, he becomes less angry. It turns out that a fairy/pixie is inside the candy, which thanks the heroes for releasing her from her Pinhata Prison. The Knight character, Valarian asks the pixie about the Magic Grail they are questing for, and the pixie tells him her mistress, the Fairy Queen, knows a lot about that matter. They are taken to the court of the fairy queen, which grants each of the heroes mighty rewards the "Knight" gets a "Steed" {a motercycle}; the "Magician" gets a lifetime contract to play Las Vegas magic shows; the "hunstman" gets a tree home} . Dexter eventually obtains the Grail, because he thought he had to be the one receiving the Grail while the others didn't. Although Dexter likes the Grail, he thinks the game they played was lame, because they only fought one pinhata dragon. Likewise Dexter is disappointed to find out that the only thing he can do with the Grail is drink from it...and it will never spill! The story ends when Dee Dee wants to play another game, Milton Brothers, with Dexter and his friends. Dexter is still Hodo, and he is asked what his special skill is, and answers: 'I dig holes', referring to his title Furry-Footed Burrower and the episode ends.



  • The game, "Monsters and Mazes" is a parody on the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, while the name itself is a reference to 1981 anti-D&D novel, and the 1982 film based on it, Mazes and Monsters.

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