Gender None (Female design)
Species Robot
Family Dexter (creator)
Mandark (creator of alt-mode)
Occupation Fighting Robot
First Appearance Big Bots

The DeeDee-Bot is a giant robot created by Dexter after Dee Dee tricked him into making it for her by claiming that he didn't have the skill to do it.


Big Bots

It was used by Dee Dee in the episode "Big Bots" to save an island from volcanic destruction alongside the Robo-Dexo 2000.

Let's Save the World You Jerk!

The DeeDee-Bot however made her first technical appearance in the episode "Let's Save the World You Jerk!" where she was a nameless alternate transformation of Dexter and Mandark's combined mech, which Mandark had made in her image.

Episode Appearances



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