Dexter's House

Dexter's House

Dexter's House is where Dexter, Dee Dee, Dad, Mom and Dexter's Dog live. It is a simple little two-story pink house in the suburbs of Genius Grove.


Dexter's House is a small two-story house with pink walls, a brown roof with two dormers on the front, a chimney and a small garage. Its interior has yellow walls and several rooms along with three bedrooms.

Rooms and Other Features

  • Dexter's Lab
  • Dexter's Room
  • Dee Dee's Room
  • Mom and Dad's Room
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Dad's Den
  • Garage
  • Front Yard
  • Back Yard
  • Dog House

CN City

In the setting of the CN City era, Dexter's house is often shown, however it bears little resemblance to its animated counterpart.

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

In the setting of the game FusionFall, Dexter and Dee Dee's old house can be visited but it is mostly abandoned due to the Fusion invasion. It bears absolutely no resemblance to Dexter's house in any media.


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