Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab? is an action-adventure video game based on Dexter's Laboratory and released for the Sony PlayStation in North America on March 2, 2002 and later in Europe on April 12, 2002.


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Mandark, Dexter's longtime rival, broke into his lab and attempts to destroy it by reprogramming Computer to make sure Dexter can't enter. It works, and Dexter, unable to enter without the correct password, heads to Dee Dee's room and get his voice-modulating invention.


Taking place in both Dexter's house and his laboratory, the game is divided into four levels, each with challenges featuring Dexter's various inventions. Each level contains two minigames that the player must complete in order to progress.

There are eight minigames in total, both of which can be played for one or two players.


  • Dee Dee's Dance Off: A Dance Dance Revolution-styled minigame where players compete with Dee Dee to score the most points.
  • What's Buggin' Dexter?: Players must chase and swat five bugs.
  • Up and Atom: Players must collect cores while warding off rogue atoms.
  • Soap Box Derby: Players must beat Mandark in a 5-lap race around the track, using power-ups to stop him along the way.
  • Dexter Dodgeball: Based on the episode of the same name, players must strike the other kids with dodgeballs.


  • In minigame "Up and Atom" is pharse Hanna-Barbera's Atom Ant.