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You are stupid! You are stupid! And don't forget... YOU ARE STUPID!”

Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!
Season 2, Episode 37
Dexter and Computress Get Mandark
Air date April 29, 1998
Dexter and Computress Get Mandark! is the first part of the 37th episode in Season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on April 29, 1998. This episode was written and narrated by six and a half year old Tyler Samuel Lee, who won a Cartoon Network contest to write an episode of Dexter's Laboratory.

The episode features Dexter teaming up with Mandark's robot brother Computress to make Mandark's head shrink.


The episode starts with a cartoon version of Tyler Samuel Lee walking and telling his age and birthday and then describes the episode. Dexter didn't know that his new neighbor was Mandark with his robotic sibling, Computress. Computress hated Mandark because he destroyed his lab and he had to rebuild all and then he would kick him out of the house. Computress got tired and then he and Dexter teamed up. They planned to shrink his head with a shrink ray. First, they zapped Dee Dee with a prototype, which drained her free spirited personality. they wrote some love letters with forgery signatures of Dee Dee and Mandark, then they sent it to them. When the fake love letter from Mandark got to Dee Dee, Dee Dee (still in a trance) just ignored it and threw it in the dustbin. Then the letter got to Mandark, Mandark got lovestruck after reading it and rushed to Dexter's Laboratory, but when he got there, Computress and Dexter used the shrink ray and his head got tiny, Mandark screamed and ran for shelter, but just then accidentally they put the ray on grow and Mandark's head started growing and was so big that his head was floating in space. Just then, Computress accidentally put the shrinking ray on "grow" and Mandark's head became even bigger than Earth, then Dexter angrily started calling Computress stupid. Just then Mandark appears with an evil laugh and says he has got the Top Secret book and he will soon rule the world and started stomping the earth with his feet. Just then, Computress once again accidentally set the ray on "grow" and Mandark's head became so big that it exploded and after that many Mandark heads started raining on the earth. Dexter got angry and once again started calling Computress stupid, Computress with his face down went away.


  • Tyler Samuel Lee provided the voices of Dexter and Mandark in this episode.
  • Tyler's mother could be heard in the background.
  • This episode's animation was completed based on an audio recording. It literally adapted it which resulted in Tyler's stammering and cues from his mother.
  • When Tyler's mother cued him, she quickly appeared on the lower thirds of the screen.
  • Another notable example of a literal adaptation is when Tyler changed to the next scene, he narrated it as "and then Dexter said". This showed Dexter beginning to talk, but saying nothing and having a startled look on his face.



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