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Dial M for Monkey:Barbequor

Dial M for Monkey-Barbequor

Production Code
May 19, 1996

Barbequor is the fourth episode in Dial M for Monkey. It is the second part of the fourth episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Monkey must save Earth from Barbequor and the Silver Spooner.

The episode first aired on May 19, 1996, but it was banned from subsequent airings as well as the DVD release of season 1.




Cultural References

  • Barbequor is a parody of Galactus
  • Silver Spooner is a parody of the Silver Surfer only evil


Production Notes

  • In 2004, this episode was banned from airing in America, Canada, Latin America and the United Kingdom.
    • It is commonly believed that the episode was banned due to Spooner being considered a stereotype of gay men and Krunk getting drunk at the end, but in actuality the episode was banned due to threats by the creators of Silver Surfer over at Marvel Comics who viewed the Silver Spooner as a misuse of their character and a potential copyright infringement.
  • This episode has been replaced in subsequent airings and the DVD release with "Dexter's Lab: A Story".

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