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Dino Copter

The Dinocopter

The Dinocopter is one of Dexter's many inventions, it was used only in the episode Jurassic Pooch. It is basically a helicopter outfitted with many weapons that would be useful in capturing a dinosaur. In the episode Dexter unsuccessfully used the Dinocopter in an attempt to capture his reanimated Tyrannosaurus Rex and stop it from unknowingly destroying the city.


  • Dino Net - The Dinocopter can fire a net tied to two rockets.
  • Dino Freeze Ray - The Dinocopter can fire a Freeze Ray that extends out of the bottom of the copter.
  • Dino Leash - The Dinocopter can extend a giant collar from the bottom of the copter with a large leash attached.


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