Aliases Doggy
Gender Male
Species Dog
Family Dexter (Owner)
Dee Dee (Owner)
Mom (Owner)
Dad (Owner)
Occupation House pet
Interests Food, Bones, Destroying Dexter's Laboratory
First Appearance Babysitter Blues
Voiced By Frank Welker

The Dexter Family's unnamed dog, usually just referred to as The Dog, is a recurring minor character on the show who usually just fills the role of the family pet. Although usually portrayed as a minor character with little role in the series, he did play a major part in the episode Fantastic Boyage (this was the only episode in which any major focus was put on him).


Old Man Dexter

The dog was first mentioned in this episode, where Dexter promised not to experiment on him anymore in exchange for his parents letting him watch TV. It is unknown if the dog mentioned was this dog or the one from Jurassic Pooch.

Babysitter Blues

The dog wanted to poop on the carpet but Dexter stopped him, saying 'Bad dog, bad dog!'.


Dexter and Dee Dee fought over the ownership of the Dog and tried labeling him with their label guns. In the end, Dexter was able to mark him as his own but at the cost of himself being labeled by Dee Dee.

Trick or Treehouse

The dog appears as one of the many guests who came to Dee Dee's treehouse party. In this episode he was given a completely different design.

Fantastic Boyage

The dog was the central character in this episode.

The Old Switcharooms

The dog appeared at the end of the episode where he destroyed Dexter's lab while Dexter had to sleep in the doghouse as punishment for tearing up Dee Dee's room.

Road Rash

When Dexter was searching for a roller skating Dee Dee, he saw Mom washing dishes and the Dog taking a whiz.

World's Greatest Mom

Mom used her radioactive powers to make the dog float and later put back on the ground.

Sister Mom

At the end of the episode, Dexter switched bodies with the dog.

Dexter the Barbarian



The Dog during seasons 3-4.

  • In the episode "Dexter's Lab-a-Story" Dexter and his family were reacting to the golden retriever as if it were their first family pet, although Dexter already had this as a pet dog.
  • He was only seen in one season 3-4 episode. His season 3-4 design was not fully revealed because his fur was shaved off in the on brief frame where he was seen. However his design had the least amount of changes when compared to the other characters.

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