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The second episode of Dexter's Laboratory aired on Cartoon Network on May 5, 1996.

Dexter Dodgeball

Episode Information


Dexter's substitute gym coach doesn't accept excuses, so now he must find a way to beat the bullies at dodgeball.


  • Censorship: In the original version (and on Cartoon Network Video), after Dexter gives the substitute coach his excuse, he responds by harshly asking "What's this crap?" On many Cartoon Network and Boomerang reruns, "crap" was muted out, so his response is changed to "What's this?" but however in recent reruns the scene was left uncensored since crap became an acceptable word on the network.
  • This episode was rated #1 in the US by a marathon that counted down the top episodes as voted on Cartoon Network's website.

Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor

Episode Imformation


Intergalactic wrestling champion Rasslor arrives on Earth hoping to find someone who can prove to be a match for him, so he challenges The Justice Friends to wrestling matches aboard his ship, which they accept. However, Rasslor refuses to wrestle Monkey due to his size, even though Monkey is the most eager to wrestle him.


  • When Sam-R-I kicks at Rasslor after his initial speech, Rasslor grabs his leg and says "I do not like you're kicks so high! I do not like them, Sam-R-I!," a reference to Dr. Suess's Green Eggs and Ham.
  • The Justice Friends make their first appearance in this episode. They will eventually get their own segment a few episodes later.

Dexter's Assisstant

Episode Information


Dexter gives Dee Dee a brain transplant to make her smart enough to be his assistant, however she may get too smart, even for Dexter.


  • When Dexter was building up static electricity, his rubber gloves wouldn't have absorbed the electricity; it would have blocked it.


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