Dos Boot

this episode opens up in the lab, and a virus gets into the system, and dexter decides to digitize into the cyberspace-time continuem. Dexter finds Mandark and finds out that he has been sneezing on the system, but then they fall into the download conduit leading to the desktop. Then Dee Dee walks into the lab, and pushes the buttons to copy Mandark,and triple Dexte's size, then undoes the effect. Then Dee Dee opens the paint application and completely redoes Dexter and Mandark, then pressees one last button and then a black transition takes place, and the episode ends with Dexter and Mandark pined on the wall

A Dee Dee Cartoon

Dee Dee plays in her own "lab" after Dexter kicks her out of his

Would You Like that in a Can?

Dexter shows Mordecai a scheatic and then puts it in his lunchbox to keep it safe, but then a girl purts a sandiwich in her lunchbox, and then gets squirted by water and picks up Dexter's lunchbox my mistake. Then they see her go into the girls bathroom, so Dexter and Mordecai have to go in there disguised as girls to get Dexter's lunchbox. Then in the stall at the edge, Dexter and Mordecai see a magical realm. Dexter then proceeds to hokok the luchbox, then Dexter and Mordecai make their way out of the stall, but then Mordecai has to GO. But when one of the girls go into the stall that Mordecai walked out of, they find out that boy snuck into the bathroom, because Mordecai left the seat up. So, to leave, Dexter threatens to destroy their doll, so they let the 2 leave. But when they walk out of the bathroom (still in their disguises), they get laughed at by jocks


  • Dexter's friend, Douglas, goes by the nane of Mordecai in this episode

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