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Season 2, Episode 31

Framed is the second part of episode 31 in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory, airing on March 18, 1998. In this episode, Dexter breaks his glasses and starts a new trend.


Dexter breaks his glasses, but fortunately for him, this makes him cooler.


On the way to school, Dexter and his friend Douglas E. Mordecai III are listening to their Walkman and laughing. Their time is interrupted when Dee Dee reaches over the seat and pulls the headphone jack out of the slot. The tape then catches the attention of the other students, deeming what Dexter and Mordecai are listening to as "uncool." Just as the bus arrives to Huber Elementary, Dee Dee takes Dexter's glasses and mocks her brother with them. At the schoolyard, the bus pulls up and the students get off. Back inside, Dexter is crawling on the floor looking for his glasses. He finds them and sees the lenses broken.

Outside, Becky and Gwen notice Dexter's broken glasses and deem that they make him look cool. In class, Dexter lends Becky his glasses, which leave her very surprised and happy. Later, Dexter goes to visit Mordecai at his locker. Mordecai calls for Dexter, and this grabbed the attention of the nearby students. Upset, Mordecai slumps and walks away.

The next day, Dexter is sitting on the bus with his peers. Mordecai watches, much to his dismay. Dee Dee finds it hard to believe that Dexter is the coolest in school, and Mordecai replies to Dexter's glasses being an experiment. At school, Mordecai is ridiculed by the students for not having broken glasses like his best friend. At home that night, Dad tells Dexter what fads are like, and he takes it to heart.

The next day on the bus, Dexter tells everyone about fads, which bore them. Up front, Mandark gets on the bus and all of the students, except for Dexter, look at his arm and leg both wrapped in casts. They all gather around him and Dexter goes back to sitting with Mordecai. The boys go back to listening to their Walkman as the bus goes to school.



  • This episode aired twice in the series.
  • Mandark made a brief cameo in the ending of the episode.
  • This is the second of the two episode where Becky & Gwen appear. Their first appearance was in The Bus Boy.
  • This marks the final appearance of Becky, Due to being hated by fans.
  • When Gwen and Becky left the bus. Gwen was seen sitting in the crowd as a background character in the next frame.
  • The title of this episode is a term used for when someone gets sent to prison for something that they didn't do but got blamed for.


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