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Fusionfall is a website where you can play for free,and have Dexter as a guide.Dexter needs you to be under his guidemenship to find all the Lost Heros,like the other two Justice Friends.

At the old fusionfall,Dee Dee was the reason you got sent into the horrible universe.You had to sit through a walkthrough animation,and have Dexter take you into the future.Dee Dee comes in with her famous pickup line,'Oooh! Whats this button do?' and you are sent into The Future,where its horribly infected by Planet Fusion.You would meet up with Ben and Numbuh Five and learn how to attack,and then get you're first nano Buttercup.The future was replaced,and what it was erased with where the new training areas: Mt Neverest, a play on Never and Everest (and the location of the Justice friends headquarters, at least in the Powerpuff girls TV series. this is proven further by the fact that statues of justice friends, monkey, super cow from the cow and chicken TV series, and billy's alter ego from The grim adventures of billy and mandy TV series),The Petting Zoo,a dangerous zoo full of enemys from Generator Rex,and the Null Void,the area full of fusionspawns where Villains like Vilgax from the Ben 10 Series are held,or use to be.Mt Neverest is nicknamed Graduation Level,with Petting Zoo and Null Void Training Level.
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