Game Over

Game Over

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November 20, 1996

Game Over is the twenty-second episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It is the twenty-second episode overall. In this episode, Dad buys a video game for Dexter that causes him to get pulled into the game itself.


Dexter, after being annoyed by Dee Dee because she kept beating him at games, gets a surprise present from his Dad, which is a new computer game called "Master Computer" He thinks it's old and useless, but plays it anyway. After losing, he tried to take it out of the computer, but it won't. Then, the Master Computer takes over the computer system and traps Dexter in the game. Dexter manages to contact Dee Dee to help him, but Dee Dee makes him promise to play any game with her and not get mad. She then takes on the Master Computer and beats, but then makes Dexter play another computer game while he's still inside of it.



Episode Connections

Cultural References

  • "Primal Fighter" is a parody of Atari's Primal Rage.
  • The controllers Dexter and Dee Dee use to play Primal Fighter bear a resemblance to the Atari 2600 controllers. When Dee Dee plays Master Computer in Dexter's lab, she is instead using a Sega Mega Drive controller.
  • The episode is a parody of the 1982 Disney film Tron.
  • Master Computer makes references to Tetris, Pac-Man, and the Maser Control Panel from Tron.
  • When Dexter sends Rover to give Dee Dee a message, he tells her "she is his only hope." Rover references the Star Wars character R2-D2 while Dexter's quote references Princess Leia.
  • Sony's PlayStation appears in the episode.


  • When Dee Dee inserts a game cartridge into the game system, it's read "Primal Fighter", but in the next scene, it's "Master Commputer" with a missing A.
  • When Dexter mentions Primal Rage doesn't have multiplayer, he and Dee Dee end up playing simultaneously.

Production Notes

  • The episode name is a reference to the common video game term "Game over", meaning that the player has run out of lives, health or ran out of time.
  • An episode of Ben 10 shares the same episode title.