Game Over

Game Over

Production Code:
November 20, 1996

Game Over is the twenty-second episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It is the twenty-second episode overall. In this episode, Dad buys a video game for Dexter that causes him to get pulled into the game itself.


Dexter, after being annoyed by Dee Dee because she kept beating him at games, gets a surprise present from his Dad, which is a new computer game called "Master Computer" He thinks it's old and useless, but plays it anyway. After losing, he tried to take it out of the computer, but it won't. Then, the Master Computer takes over the computer system and traps Dexter in the game. Dexter manages to contact Dee Dee to help him, but Dee Dee makes him promise to play any game with her and not get mad. She then takes on the Master Computer and beats, but then makes Dexter play another computer game while he's still inside of it.



  • When Dee Dee switches the games, the new game is "Primal Fighter." When Dee Dee is about to play, it's "Master Computer" with a skipped "a".
  • Even though Dexter mentions the game does not have multiplayer, Dee Dee and Dexter end up playing the game in multiplayer.
  • The episode is an homage/parody of the 1982 Disney film, Tron.
  • "Master Computer" parodies the games Pacman and Tetris as well as the Master Control Panel from Tron.
  • The scene in which Dexter's robot "Rover" gives Dee Dee a message that he needs her help is a parody of Star Wars, especially when he quotes Princess Leia ("Help me Dee Dee, you are my only hope!")
  • The game Primal Fighter Dexter and Dee Dee are playing is a parody of the Arcade game "Primal Rage", which later appeared on the Sega 32X.
  • The controllers resemble the Atari 2600 controllers.
  • The episode name is a reference to the video game term "game over", which is to signify that a player has run out of lives or health.
  • While the controllers hooked up to Dexter's computer in his lab resemble the Atari 2600 controllers, the controllers shown in his room while Dexter & Dee Dee play Primal Fighter resemble Sega 32X controllers only they're grey, the connector plugs resemble those found on Playstation controllers.
  • The video game system shown as Dexter complains about the Master Computer game, bears a striking resemblance to the original Playstation console that debut in 1995. It appears with slight modifications.

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