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Got Your Goat

Got Your Goat title card

Season Episode:
October 29,1997
Storyboard By:
Nora Johnson
Art Direction:
Craig McCracken
Directed By:
Robert Alvarez & Genndy Tartakovsky

Got Your Goat is the third part of the 16th episode from Season 2, which first aired on October 29, 1997. In this episode, Charlie, Dexter's pet chupacabra, escapes from his lab. Dexter and Dee Dee go to South America to rescue him.

The episode name is a reference to the idiom "get your goat", meaning to irritate someone.


  • Mom & Dad do not appear in the episode.

Animation Goofs

  • Before Dexter & Dee Dee leave for South America, Dexter has a black watch on for a few frames--it disappears quickly only to reappear on Dee Dee's arm at the conclusion of the episode.


  • "Poachers" are those who indulge in illegal hunting or harvesting.
  • Sombreros are found  worn in Mexico, the Southern U.S., South America, etc.
  • Chupacabras, are legendary creatures in folklore described as goat suckers, some say they exist in various countries like South America, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Philippines,etc.


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