HANK HQ is the base of operations and fan club of Action Hank, where his crew of righteous commandos and his most loyal fans gather. They are the sworn enemies of the Pony Puff Princesses and their Pony Puff Place. It appeared in the episode "Decode of Honor" where Dexter tried to join their club.


It is a large and intimidating military-style fort armed with cannons and is heavily fortified. Its interior is never seen as it has very little lighting.


To join the fan club, one must find a secret decoder ring in a box of Frosted Suga Hanks which contains a coded sheet explaining the tasks one must do to join.


  • Wear fatigues
  • Pick on a wimp
  • Get a tattoo

The Crew

Action Hank's crew and his most loyal fans gather here to form battle plans and do cool manly things. Members of his crew resemble soldiers or rugged commandos.



  • Action Hank's headquarters and his crew are likely a reference to the GI Joe cartoon.

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