Huntor's Minions
Huntor's Minions 2
Gender Males
Species Aliens
Affiliations Huntor
Occupation Henchmen
Interests Hunting
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Huntor
Voiced By Minion #1: Robert Ridgely

Huntor's Minions are three aliens who work together to kidnap Huntor's prey and bring them to his game preserve in space. They appear only in the episode "Dial M for Monkey: Huntor", when they kidnap Monkey. Only Minion # 1 speaks and he is voiced by Robert Ridgely.


Minion #1

Minion #1 is a humanoid alien that wears red armor. He appears to be the leader of the group as he is the only one who speaks.

Minion #2

Minion #2 is a taller alien that wears purple armor. His helmet also has protrusions on the left and right sides.

Minion #3

Minion #3 is a short alien that wears purple armor. He also has large black eyes and clawed hands and feet.


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