Major Glory holding Justice Fruit Pies!

Justice Fruit Pies are a delicious and fruity snack-time pastry which are advertised by the Justice Friends. Justice Fruit Pies are so delicious and irresistible that they can even force a villain into submission, such as the Math Magician. They come in three flavors: Krunk Grape, Major Glory Cherry and Val Hallen Lemon.
Eating Justice Fruit Pies

Delicious Justice Fruit Pies.

The skit involving Justice Fruit Pies is most notable for the famous ending quote by Major Glory, who, after being thanked for saving the day from the Math Magician, replies, "Don't thank me, thank Justice Fruit Pies!" Unfortunately, Justice Fruit Pies are not available anywhere except in the cartoon show, as they have not been developed by any confectionery companies.

The sketch was a parody of Hostess pies ads in both DC and Marvel Comics during the 1970s.

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