Mandark's Robots

Mandark's Robots

Mandark's Robots or simply Robots, are Mandark's robotic servants and lab assistants designed to help maintain and guard his laboratory.


Mandark's Robots2

Mandark's Robots in Sun, Surf and Science.

They all have the same design and a uniformal yellow "M" mark on their chest to show their affiliation with Mandark. In "Sun, Surf, and Science" Mandark's robots had a little more diversity in their designs. In seasons 3 and 4, Mandark's Robots, like him and his lab, got an evil makeover and now had a gothic and red color scheme. In "Ego Trip", Mandark's future self, the Overlord Mandark created entire armies of robots to enforce his will upon humanity. The majority were hover bots with no legs, a blaster-like arm and M-shaped heads. The second ones were large crab-like robots with buzzsaws that could survive in lava and the last ones seen were tentacled robots with large red and yellow eyes.

Known Robots