Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance Hamhocks and Armlocks
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Midge is the waitress, mechanic and apparent owner of a truck stop that Earl regularly frequents. She made her only appearance in "Hamhocks and Armlocks".


Midge's outfit consists of a white shirt with a white skirt that's covered with a pink apron. She wears a small hat on top of her large brown hair, baby blue eyeshadow, and she is always seen smoking a cigarette.


Midge usually seems like a stoic and indifferent woman. Despite being a waitress, she doesn't treat her customers with neither kindness or respect, preferring to maintain her indifferent nature and also seems to prefer picking their orders for them, implying that she is either bossy or that she herself is not fond of the foods she serves. Like many of the folks at the truck stop, she greatly fears Earl, and when he was beaten she cheered alongside everyone else for Dexter's Dad.


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