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Mind Over Chatter
Season 3, Episode 2a
Air date November 16, 2001
Production number 302a
Storyboard by Cindy Morrow
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino
David Smith (Art Direction)

Mind Over Chatter is the first part of the second episode in season 3 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on November 16, 2001. The episode features Dexter as he tries to figure out what Dad got for his birthday. He goes to invent a mind reader that allows him to read everyone's minds. However, the invention backfires and causes everyone to read Dexter's mind, putting him in tense situations.


Dexter is asking Dad what he got for his birthday, and after several failed attempts, retreats to his room. Dee Dee appears and gives her brother the idea of reading everyone's minds. Dexter quickly runs into his lab and invents a mind reader. After the invention's success, Dexter goes and tests his invention out on Dad. He overhears Dexter's thoughts, and continues to refuse to answer Dexter's answer. After breakfast, Dexter, once again, asks Dad what his birthday present was, which Dad still doesn't tell him. In anger, Dexter storms toward the front door with his mind calling Dad names. He then realizes that his invention has backfired. Dexter then tries to run back to his lab to reverse the effects, but is stopped by Dee Dee as she and her brother are late for school.

On the bus, Dexter's mind causes him to run into trouble with the other students. He has a lot of trouble trying to keep his thoughts to himself and ends up calling the other kids names. At school, Dexter is in Mr. Luzinsky's class taking down notes about George Washington Carver. As Mr. Luzinsky tells his students about Carver, Dexter's mind repeats everything he says, and as punishment, Dexter was sent to the school counselor after lunch. During lunch, Dexter tries to get some food on his tray, but is stopped by the lunch lady's noticeable mole. After lunch, Dexter is outside the school counselor's office as he's waiting for his turn.

After the meeting, Dexter's mind calls Mrs. Morris a sucker and he is later in the boys' bathroom crying. He decides to go back and reverse the effects of the invention. For a test, Dexter, for the final time, asks Dad what he got for his birthday. Dad tells him physically, but his mind reveals that he got Dexter a pair of multi-functional socks. Dexter isn't surprised and walks away in a disappointed mood.



  • This episode showcases Phillips Luzinsky's post second season design.
  • Dexter breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode.

Cultural References

  • The episode name is a pun on the idiom "mind over matter."

Production Notes