Molecular Makeover Machine
Molecular Makeover Machine
Created by Dexter
Used by Dee Dee, Dexter, Dog
Function Appearance modification
First Appearance Sister Mom

The Molecular Makeover Machine is one of Dexter's many inventions that only appears in the episode "Sister Mom".

The machine works by changing the outer appearance of one organism to match the exact likeness of another. However this does not change several internal features of the subject, such as the subject's personality and voice. The machine can also change one's clothes to match the clothing worn by the person they're copying or even give clothes to animals that are used in the machine.

In Sister Mom, the Molecular Makeover Machine was used by Dexter to transform Dee Dee into the likeness of their mother so she could attend the Parent-Teacher Conference without Mom finding out. Later at the conference, Dexter and Dee Dee get into a fight, prompting the school principal to decide that they should speak with with the School Counselor to sort out their dysfunctional behavior and asks that they bring 'Dee Dee' so all three can sort out their behavior. Knowing this is impossible due to Dee Dee posing as Mom, Dexter decides to transform himself into Dee Dee and has the Dog transformed into him. On the day of the counseling, this only causes further confusion for the Principal and School Counselor who decide to forget about the whole thing.

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