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Mom and Jerry
Season 2, Episode 2a
Mom and Jerry
Air date July 23, 1997
Written by TBA
Directed by Robert Alvarez

Mom and Jerry is the first part of the second episode of Season Two in Dexter's Laboratory. It aired on July 23, 1997. In this episode, Dexter experiments with a mouse to give it human intelligence, but things go awry.






  • The title card, name and episode is a parody of the 1940s cartoon Tom and Jerry.
    • Dexter plays Jerry's role and Mom plays Tom's role.
  • Dexter's mouth doesn't move when he says, "Ah! My room!"
  • Mom's cake is laid on the counter beside the one mouse Dexter was on. But when he jumps on the rolling pin, it moved to directly in front of him.
  • This episode shows another way to open the bookcase entrance into the lab, by pressing a button located inside a book off Dexter's bookshelf.

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