Season 3, Episode 2c
Air date November 16, 2001
Production number 302c

Momdark is the third part of the second episode in season three of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on November 18, 2001. In this episode, Mandark disguises himself as Dexter's mother to destroy his lab.


Mandark has an evil plan to destroy Dexter's Laboratory by dressing up as Dexter's Mom and sneaking into his house.


One day Mom arrives home from the grocery store and then Dexter and Dee Dee burst out shouting with joy telling Mom about how great their day went at school. Mandark is spying on them from a "bird house" that is a camera from Mandark's lab. Mandark yells and rants about how much he hates Dexter. Mandark then devises an evil plan to destroy Dexter's Lab. Meanwhile at the house, Mom tells the kids she'll be right back with the groceries. Mom looks into the trunk of the car and one of her grocery bags have spilled. When she bends over to pick it up, Mandark creeps up behind her and in the next scene shows Mom imprisoned in a chamber full of green liquid, has tiny ropes wrapped around her various body parts to keep her balance, and is in a complete and blissful sleep, remaining unaware of the danger she is in. Mandark comes into the house dressed as Mom. Dexter and Dee Dee seem to believe that it's him. He goes up to Dexter's room to go into his lab but then he hears Dad calling him. When he comes down, he asks for him t

o make dinner for everyone. Mandark gets nervous wondering what to do for making dinner because he doesn't know how to cook, but if he were to blow his cover, his plan would be ruined. Mandark ends up making sandwiches for everyone. They all seem to enjoy it and don't suspect a thing. Mandark goes upstars and starts heading for Dexter's Lab but then he is called down again to make popcorn for them. Mandark comes back downstairs, makes popcorn, and goes back upstairs to destroy his lab, but he is interrupted again to come back downstairs and give them butter.

Mandark keeps trying multiple times to get into Dexter's Lab but he keeps getting stopped, being called again and again to do things for Dexter, Dee Dee, and Dad. First, he gave Dad a shower, Next, he put Dexter's clothes on, he fixed Dee Dee's Pigtails, He got Dad dressed for work, he gave Dexter a kiss on Dexter's finger when he broke it, he played dolls with Dee Dee, he ironed Dad's clothes, he helped Dexter with his homework, he helped Dee Dee get dressed for her class, he got the remote for Dad, he tied Dexter's, and he gave Dee Dee some cookies to eat.

Later that night, Dexter asked for a midnight kiss from Mom and Mandark was forced to kiss him. Mandark is then seen disgusted by what he just did, then Dee Dee calls

him into her room. Mandark gets excited thinking and hoping that she will want a kiss too, but when he got there it turned out she just wanted him to kiss her toy bunny, Mr. Bunnydoodle. After that, Dad calls and says, "Honey aren't you coming to bed". Mandark says, "Um, i'd love to but I think my roast is burning." Then he leaves and Dad says "Aw, you say that every night!" Mandark goes downstairs and lies down on the couch exhausted from all the hard work he's done. He is too tired to destroy Dexter's Lab so he must wait for tommorow.

Once it's tomorrow he is ready to destroy Dexter's Lab and he goes up there but he gets called back down again and is forced to do more work for Dad, Dee Dee, and Dexter. He tries multiple times to get into Dexter's Lab but he keeps getting called down. Finally, Mandark gives up because he can't take anymore of the whining and doing work. He rips off his disguise and reveals his true identity then he leaves and runs away. Her family freaks out needing a mom and then Mom hears their calls all the way from back in Mandark's Lab and she wakes up, breaks out, and comes back home, then she has to put up with all of their whining and complaints. The End.



  • The name of the episode is a combination of the two characters Mom and Mandark.


  • It would seem odd that Dexter needed help with his homework due to the fact that he is a genius.
  • Dexter needed to have his shoes tied even though his boots are zip-on boots.