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Gender Male
Species Monkey
Family Dexter (owner)
Agent Honeydew (girlfriend)
Occupation Superhero
Interests Bananas, spending time with Agent Honeydew
First Appearance Magmanamus
Voiced By Frank Welker

Dexter's lab monkey, simply known as Monkey, which secretly has superpowers, unbeknownst to Dexter, who often tries to give him powers via unusual experimentation. In reality, Monkey is actually "Monkey", considered the planet's greatest Superhero. He stars in the back-up Dial M for Monkey cartoons, and occasionally appeared in several episodes of Dexter's Lab out of his superhero persona. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


When off duty, his personality is similar to Dee Dee's and he is often seen playing with her in the laboratory, but when it is time to save the world Monkey is extremely serious and heroic and risks his very life to ensure the safety of the world and those he loves.

Monkey's indominatable will is what often leads him to be considered the world's greatest superhero. Even when beaten within an inch of his life over and over, as the intergalactic wrestler Rasslor discovered, he absolutely refuses to submit to enemies should he still be able to move. Despite this, he has been known to try and resolve issues peacefully, rather than immediately resorting to violence, as he saw fellow primate Simion as a tortured soul rather than a malicious threat.

He is often paired with his sidekick and girlfriend Agent Honeydew on missions, who he cares about deeply and appears to posses a psychic link with. However in the later season episodes, such as "A Quackor Cartoon", he fell in love with Quackor, and in the later episode "Used Ink", one of the things that he asked for was a girl monkey implying that his relationship with Quackor might be over and he is looking for a new love. However in one of the final episodes of the series "Dexter's Wacky Races", Monkey is shown to be back together with Agent Honeydew.


Monkey has several superpowers as a result of Dexter's experiments, however they are completely undetectable by any modern technology. Monkey possesses the ability to fly, use super strength, and shoot lasers. Working for Global Security, Monkey protects the world from intergalactic villains, large monsters, and natural disasters. He also has his own arch-nemesis (who is a female duckling) called Quackor, who is owned by Dexter's arch-nemesis, Mandark.

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  • "OOH OOH AAH AAH OOH OOH AAH EEE EEE EEE AAH!" - Monkey to Magmanamus
  • "OOH OOH EEE OOH AAH OOH AAH AAH AHH!" - Monkey in battle
  • "OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH OOH OOH EEE EEE OOH AAH OOH AAH!" - Monkey upon victory



  • Monkey's voice actor is Frank Welker in the series, but in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, it is Fred Tatasciore.
  • Monkey might be an Honorary member of the Justice Friends, as he has connections with the group of heroes and all of them attended his birthday barbeque in the episode Barbequor and was called alongside them to fight Rasslor and Badaxtra.
  • Despite making no strong effort to hide his identity as Dexter's lab monkey, Dexter is unaware of Monkey's superhero identity. He briefly learned they were the same monkey in Last but not Beast, although Monkey used Dexter's own memory-wipe invention to erase Dexter's memory of the discovery.
  • Aside from flight and super strength, Monkey also displayed a number of other powers such as energy projection and voice-based attacks. These powers seem to be created on a needed basis rather than established powers.
  • In the episode "Lab of Tomorrow", it was revealed that he could speak English.

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