Neurotomic Protocore

The Neurotomic Protocore

The Neurotomic Protocore is without a doubt Dexter's greatest and most powerful invention and in the right hands it could bring great prosperity or terrible misery. The Neurotomic Protocore is an all powering energy source that can give near-infinite energy to any device.


When properly harnessed with good intentions and set to a positive energy emission, it can grant high-intelligence to the one who harnesses its power and the ability to teletronically materialize objects, and the energy waves it emits can enrich the environment and give others the same knowledge as the one who harnessed its power (as well as allow others to teletronically manifest objects with the aid of special gear). However, if used with evil intentions and set to a negative energy emission, it can grant the user near-infinite intellect while draining away the intelligence of all those who are hit by its energy waves and it also drains the life out of the environment.

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