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No Power Trip
Season 2, Episode 22c
No Power Trip
Air date January 14, 1998
Directed by Rumen Petkov

No Power Trip is the third part of the 22nd episode of season 2. In this episode, Dexter consumes too much power in his laboratory and causes the power in there to go out. He then looks for alternate methods to bring the lab back to life.

The episode name is a pun on the term "power trip", describing someone who stops at nothing until the other people are under their control.


  • Mom does not appear in this episode.
  • When Dee Dee recommends smelling Begonias,one could speculate how she knew the scientific name of the flower as she is often perceived as joyful rather than intelligent.
  • This episode reveals that Dexter's house has a ceiling attic located just outside his room in the hallway, the attic has a trap door which leads to the roof of his house.


  • Dee Dee insists that Dexter "takes time to stop and smell the Begonias," Begonias are a special variety of flowering plants.


  • In this episode after Dexter releases the hamsters at his front door, he's seen in a few frames on a single concrete slab (the pathway is missing), yet in the next frames it appears the sidewalk pathway to the front door is restored.
  • After Dexter crash-lands on the driveway with Dad's car, he gets out and it appears as though the car is on the grass. Dexter is also stumbling towards--what appears to be--the backyard,
  • Cartoon Logic has allowed Dee Dee to take Dexter from his lab and place him outside in a location far away from the house and she's not seen again afterwards.

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