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Nuclear Confusion
Season 2, Episode 10b
Nuclear Confusion
Air date September 17, 1997
Written by Zeke Kamm
Storyboard by Butch Hartman
Directed by Robert Alvarez

Nuclear Confusion is the second part of the 10th episode of season 2. In this episode, Dee Dee takes Dexter's power source for his lamp. However, she does not know that taking the core will cause a nuclear explosion. Dexter must return the core to its original spot before time runs out.


The episode begins with Dexter creating the ultimate reading lamp when Dee Dee, being the most annoying person ever as she always, is steels the power source. The power core just so happens to be an hour away from melting down and destroying the Earth. The first clue was a paper that said "apple, cherry, blueberry, R squared." Not knowing what that means he makes the computer find out what it means. The clue gets narrowed down the the pies that mom is making. Dexter eats all the pie and find that at the bottom of each pie tray say go next door.

Dexter acts hesitant since the door is the touchy feely neighbor lady's house, but eventually proceeds. She lets him in and offers him cookies. Dexter asks her if she has the core but she see's it as a joke. He follows her into the kitchen were the neighbor lady drops one of the cookies and bends over. Dexter then notices a clue written on the neighbor lady's large rump which reads "Dad's Trophy."

Dexter runs back home to Dad's prized sword fish trophy and searches it. Dad approaches the room about to show someone the trophy, which do to Dexter has been destroyed. Dexter pretends to be the trophy and we learn dad can't tell the difference between Dexter and a sword fish. He learns that the prize he seeks is in Dee Dee's room. Dexter searches her room and finds the core while making a terrible Indiana Jones rip off.

Dexter stabilizes the core before learning Dee Dee stole the book.



  • Dexter enters a room to obtain the next clue from Dad's trophy swordfish...he enters through a door. This is an error or cartoon logic as there is a fireplace in this room and the actual fireplace is downstairs in the living room. Also if this is indeed the living room, there.shouldn't be a door...Dexter 's living room has no door.


  • The title of the episode is a pun on "nuclear fusion".

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