Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Principal
First Appearance Dexter's Rival
Voiced By Frank Welker ("Dexter's Rival")
Tom Kenny ("Sister Mom")

The Principal is the head of Huber Elementary who has made a few rare appearances in Dexter's Laboratory.


He is a rotund and light-skinned man with brown balding hair and a big nose. He wears a formal suit with brown pants with a white dress shirt and a red tie.


He seems to generally be a calm and reasonable fellow who takes pride in his star students like Dexter and wishes to see them do their best. He seems to get along well with the School Counselor and is willing to have lunch with her. However, in Accent You Hate, he seems to not tolerate kids that ditch school (though this may have been an one-time personality quirk).

Episode Appearances

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