Gender Female programming
Species Robot
Family Dexter (creator)
RoboDexter ("brother")
Interests Dancing
First Appearance RoboDexter (comic)

RoboDee-Dee is a robotic duplicate of Dee Dee made by Dexter who was originally invented to destroy the RoboDexter after it tried to replace Dexter. She only appeared in Issue #3 of the Dexter's Laboratory comic book.


RoboDexter (comic)

After Dexter created the RoboDexter to carry out his chores, it eventually rebelled against him and tried to replace Dexter. Two stop the RoboDexter, Dexter created the RoboDee-Dee to destroy him. The two robots engaged in a tense battle of fisticuffs which ended when the RoboDee-Dee also decided to rebel against Dexter and replace Dee Dee. The Robo Siblings then kicked out the real siblings and replaced them in their daily lives.