Species Monster
Occupation Soraz's Minion
First Appearance D & DD
Voiced By Frank Welker

The Semitaur is the dreaded slave beast of Soraz, Master of Doom. The Semitaur and Soraz were made by Dexter for his Monster & Mazes boardgame. It is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Semitaur is a large yellow bull-like creature with a humanoid upper body, sharp claws, red eyes and two large curved horns on its head resembling scimitar swords.


Dexter portrays the Semitaur as a savage beast that is completely loyal to Soraz and will take down anything in its way.


D & DD

Dexter's Friends encounter this beast in a session of Monsters & Mazes while moving through a maze. The creature proves formidable and immune to most attacks, luckily the creature ultimately meets its end when it falls into a pitfall that was concealed by Macabros' magic.



  • It is based on the fabled Greek creature known as the Minotaur but with scimitar-like horns, a likely reason for the sound of its name.

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