Silver Spooner
Gender Male
Species Alien
Affiliations Barbequor
Occupation Herald, Culinary God
Interests Destruction, Judie Garland
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

The Silver Spooner is the extremely flamboyant herald of Barbequor. He lives in space and wants to destroy the world. He surfs around on a flying silver spoon. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


  • The Silver Spooner is an obvious spoof of Marvel Comics' The Silver Surfer.
  • The Silver Spooner is presented as a homosexual stereotype, likely derived from his flashy appearance. This is represented by his catty demeanor, his ballerina-like motions, and his adoration for gay icon Judy Garland.
  • Unlike the Silver Surfer, the Silver Spooner remains loyal to Barbequor and keeps anyone away from him when they try to stop them.
  • It is commonly believed that the episode he came from was banned because people thought he was a gay stereotype, but in actuality the episode was banned due to threats by the creators of Silver Surfer over at Marvel Comics who viewed the Silver Spooner as a misuse of their character and a potential copyright infringement.

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