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Stuffed Animal House
Season 4, Episode 5b
Air date May 16, 2003
Production number 404b
Written by Gabe Swarr
Storyboard by Gabe Swarr
Directed by Chris Savino

Stuffed Animal House is the second part of the 5th episode of season 4 in Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on May 16, 2003. In this episode, Dee Dee uses a formula that brings inanimate objects to life. She and Dexter must gather everything Dee Dee brought to life and reverse the effects.




Cultural References

  • This episode is based off the Cartoon Network game When Stuffed Animals Attack!

Production Notes


  • It is revealed Dexter's dad is acknowledges Dee Dee's idiocy and Dexter's intellect as he states "And we thought he was the smart one"



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