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Sun, Surf, and Science is an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that involves Mandark wanting to win Dee-Dee's heart by becoming a surfer, but Mandark has competition when it comes to another boy who's more experienced at it aimed for the same goal.


Mandark has to learn to surf so he can beat a boy at a surfing competition to make Dee-Dee fall in love with him.


It all starts where Mandark is relaxing on the beach until he sees Dee Dee. Mandark is lovestruck by her and wants to find a way to get her to love him too. He sees that there is a surfing competition and everyone is loving it and Mandark has the idea to join in and make Dee Dee love him but then he sees that there is a Surfer Boy who she already has eyes for. Fortunately, they are not officially going out yet so he still has time to divert her love toward him.

Mandark tries his hands at surfing but seems to be doing terribly. Just when he is about to give up, he gets a talk from the Tiki God about his surfing skills. Mandark goes to his laboratory so he can build a surfboard that is modified to fit his tactics. He also rigs the surfing area with booby traps so that the other surfers (especially Surfer Boy) would lose

The next day is where the contest starts and Dee Dee has made a last minute entry so that means that she will fall in Mandark's traps. Mandark protects Dee Dee from all of the traps so she doesn't die in them. Then he wins the competition only for him and Surfer Boy both to find out that Dee Dee has fallen in love with another surfer boy and the two of them become friends and Mandark takes Surfer Boy to his laboratory where they be friends instead of enemies and forget Dee Dee.



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