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Andy Bialk
Art Director
Craig McCracken
Robert Alvarez
Christine Cavanaugh as Dexter
Kat Cressida as Dee Dee
Jeff Bennett as Dad
Kath Soucie as Mom
Rob Paulsen as Major Glory
Air date
October 29, 1997

Surprise! is the second part of the 16th episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It originally aired on October 29, 1997. In this episode, Dexter turns himself invisible to see what his parents got for his birthday.


Dexter is in his bed having a dream about the new Major Glory action figure toy. He wakes up to his mother bringing him a bowl of cereal with a glass of milk. Dexter excitedly asks about his presents, and his mother tells him no. Later, Dexter sneaks out of his room and heads toward the closet in Mom and Dad's bedroom. He is successful in his stealth mission, but is halted as Dee Dee blocks his way. Dee Dee tells Dexter that she was ordered by mom to keep guard of Dexter's presents. This gives Dexter an idea, and he goes to his lab to turn himself invisible. Dexter then sneaks inside his closet and is pretty disappointed with the gifts his parents got him.

Later, Mom and Dad go to the toy store to get Dexter's gifts, and Dexter uses that as an opportunity to get a Major Glory action figure. He sneaks into his parents' car and goes with them to the mall. Inside the store, Dexter disappointedly watches as his parents get toys that he doesn't want. Dexter eyes a shelf full of Major Glory action figures and goes over to them. Dad sees the action figure in the cart, and Mom throws it away. After the trip, Dexter sadly returns home and sees that a birthday party for him is going on. Dexter goes to look for his gifts, and he gets a Major Glory action figure. He opens the box and flies the figure around the house. The kids watching all scream in terror. Major Glory hops out from the kitchen and goes to attack Dexter, as he is mistaken for The Invisible Phantom.



  • This episode is one of the rare occasions Mom & Dad's bedroom is accessible. Another episode is Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind.

Animation Goofs

  • Mom & Dad left the door open when they left to buy Dexter gifts. For a few frames the door is closed and opened again once they were back home.
  • From Dexter's point of view making his way downstairs, Dad is watching television...the living room and kitchen is seen.(The kitchen has no door in this scene.) Later in the episode Major Glory and Dad are talking in the kitchen behind a white closed door. (cartoon logic)
  • When Major Glory & Dad opened the kitchen door to discover the "ghost" (invisible Dexter), Major Glory opens the door a second time and Dad is not present. (cartoon logic or animation goof for theatrics)


  • This episode implies that Dexter is 8 years old because it was his birthday.

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