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The Big Cheese
Season 1, Episode 9c
The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese is the third part of the ninth episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Dexter says a French word that gains him fame overtime.


Dexter is in his laboratory one night getting every science experiment done quickly, and this is on the same night he had to study for a French test. At bedtime, Dexter takes his invention that gives him the option to learn while asleep and puts it on his head, inserting a French language instruction record the player. As Dexter is sleeping the night away, the record skips over "omelette du fromage," and when Dexter wakes up the next morning, he says the exact same word to Dee Dee. Teasingly she asks him her name, and despite his effort answers, "omelette du fromage", revealing to his horror that it is all he can say, which causes her to taunt him relentlessly. In French class that following morning, Dexter takes a test which he gets an A+ on. In math class, his only word becomes the correct answer for the question.

At recess, Dee Dee continues to taunt Dexter, only to have him repeat his phrase to his sister angrily. This grabs the attention of two girls, and they both go over to Dexter and fall in love with him. All of the girls gather around Dexter, which makes three bullies walk over to the pint-sized scientist only to hurt him. Instead, the bullies leave Dexter alone, and his phrase causes him to become an instant celebrity. Dexter enjoys his moment of fame until he goes home to reverse the effects of the invention. However, the lab denies his phrase as an incorrect password, and he cries over his mishap while the lab triggers a self-destruct sequence as a safety measure. As a result, the lab explodes and the episode ends with Dee Dee continuing to taunt Dexter.



  • This episode reveals that Dexter's password for entering his laboratory is "Star Wars". Years later, Genndy Tartakovsky would produce the Star Wars: Clone Wars micro-series for Cartoon Network.
  • While a French teach is speaking at the front of his class, a picture of the Eiffel Tower can be seen next to the chalkboard.
  • When the advanced math teacher asked the class who'd be able to answer the complex question he presented, everyone immediately pointed to Dexter as the one who could answer. This could indicate that the class views him as the smartest of them all or resent him as a "know it all".
  • While Dexter is seen attempting to dunk a basketball goal while in air, he's wearing sneakers that have inverted checks on them. The words "Just Du It." appear on screen. This is another reference to the shoe company Nike and their slogan "Just Do It."
  • Dexter's golden arches on his restaurant "Omelettes Du Fromage" bears strikingly similar to an old Golden Arches McDonald's restaurant in Downey, California which was the third McDonald's to open as the oldest operating McDonald's. It is the second to bear the Golden Arches building design. This could be a parody of McDonald's franchise and old building designs.
  • A female co-worker for Dexter's restaurant references to how carhops served fast food to their customers.
  • Dexter kisses a baby before he enters his house. As he smiles for the cameras he drops the baby. This could be a hilarious parody of what certain celebrities do when fame goes to their head after they've achieved it.
  • Towards the end of the episode the back of Dexter's house is blown off, and for a few seconds the inside of Dexter's room and the downstairs living room can be seen,however cartoon logic makes this view seem inconclusive. Aside from cartoon logic this would suggest Dexter's lab is underground.


Mcdonalds comparison 2

Dexter's Omlette Du Fromage restaurant in comparison with the Downey California Goldern Arches McDonald's restaurant.

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