(Dexter is working in his lab on an invention)

Dexter: AT LAST MY GREATEST INVENTION IS NOW COMPLETED!!! This is my greatest invention yet. It is so powerfully amazing that nothing can be more outstanding than this here creation. It is ... Cookies.

(Dexter lays a plate of cookies down on the table)

Dexter: Ah yes ... it is perfect.

(Dee Dee sneaks up and grabs one of the cookies and is about to eat it)

Dexter: Huh? Wait Dee Dee! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

(Dexter yanks the cookie out of her hand)

Dee Dee: Hey what gives Dexter?

Dexter: DEE DEE! These cookies are not for you, they are for my laboratory rats!

Dee Dee: Well why can't I have one?

Dexter: Because they are filled with highly dangerous untested chemicals that are not safe for human consumption. I am giving them to my rats to see what they do to them. Now could you please GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!!!

Dee Dee: Hmmm ... Okay.

(Dee Dee leaves Dexter's Laboratory)

(The next scene is where Dexter is now testing out the cookies on his rats)

(Dexter tests a cookie out on a rat and it makes it shrink)

(Dexter tests a cookie out on another rat and it makes it grow a second head)

(Dexter goes up to Dee Dee wearing a rat costume and tests a cookie on her)

Dexter: DEE DEE! ... DEE DEE NO!

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