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The Justice Friends: Can't Nap
Season 1, Episode 13b
Cant Nap

Can't Nap is the second part of the 13th episode of season one in Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, White Tiger, a Justice Friend, helps Valhallen in stopping a supervillain. As a result, he is invited to spend the night at Muscular Arms. However, Major Glory's cat allergy makes White Tiger feel unwelcome.





  • Major Glory's cat allergy does not re-appear in later Justice Friends episodes.
  • Krunk is allergic to dogs as shown when Heckhound appears.
  • The episode name is a play on "cat nap", describing a very brief nap.
  • Krunk and White Tiger's slapstick shenanigans when he is dressed as a rodent are a reference to Tom and Jerry.
  • A reference to The Flintstones is made when Major Glory puts White Tiger outside, winds up in his place, and shouts out "Wilma!" and Krunk is dressed up as Wilma.

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