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The Justice Friends: Krunk's Date
Season 1, Episode 9b
Krunk's Date Title Card

Krunk's Date is the third episode of the Justice Friends. It is the second part of the ninth episode of season one of Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Krunk falls in love with She-Thing, who happens to be the female variant of himself.


Krunk and Comrade Red are in a fight, and Red punches Krunk where he lands in front of Major Glory and Valhallen. A fight between the Justice Friends and Comrade Red commences. Major Glory and Valhallen both get hurt by She-Thing. Krunk, however, is distraught by She-Thing's strength. Krunk goes to ask Major Glory for advice, and Comrade Red introduces She-Thing to Krunk. Lovestruck, Krunk goes and talks to She-Thing. Valhallen suggests that Krunk should get flowers. Krunk does so, and She-Thing ignores him again, as she is in the middle of a fight. In anger, Krunk uses the tree and breaks the building. As She-Thing had a good grip on Valhallen, Krunk grabs him and punches him away. He then reads She-Thing a poem that he made. After that, the two superhumans fall in love.

As the Justice Friends and Comrade Red gang fight, She-Thing and Krunk spend the entire day together. Their date comes to an end when She-Thing's fingernails get broken. Enraged, Krunk attacks both the Justice Friends and Comrade Red's gang. In sadness, Krunk watches as She-Thing gets taken away.


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