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The Old Switcharooms
Season 2, Episode 29b
The Old Switcharooms
Air date March 4, 1998
Written by Michael Ryan
Directed by John McIntyre

The Old Switcharooms is the second segment of episode 29, which aired March 4, 1998. In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee swap rooms with each other as punishment for breaking their father's trophy.

The episode name is a pun on the phrase "the old switcheroo."


Dexter's father makes him and Dee Dee switch each other's rooms as a punishment for running into him while they were fighting (causing his bowling trophy to break). Dexter believes that Dee Dee is destroying his lab and first decide to check. He sneaks out of Dee Dee's room and tiptoes to his room. However due to the creaking of the floor, Dad does not allow Dexter going back to his room and threaten to put Dexter in a worse punishment if he tries to sneak out, so he went back into Dee Dee's room.

Too paranoid about his lab, he decide to sneak into the air vent to stop Dee Dee. He began to "suit up" by taking out the stuffings from Dee Dee's toys thus destroys her room in retaliation. Dexter goes into the air vent and saw that in his room that Dee Dee did not even enter his lab and was asleep the whole time.

Dad finds Dee Dee asleep and wakes her up saying that the punishment is over since he fixed his trophy (rather poorly). They goes to get Dexter and Dexter quickly runs back to Dee Dee's room. However Dad turn on the AC so the glue on his trophy won't melt and it cause Dexter to go outside and thrown back into Dee Dee's room naked. Dad and Dee Dee sees the mess Dexter made and it made Dee Dee point out Dexter is naked and her pointing cause Dad to drop his trophy thus breaking it again. Dexter called Dee Dee a "clusmy fool" for breaking the trophy but it just cause more anger from his father.

He is later grounded by his father for destroying Dee Dee's room and also for trying to sneak out, and insulting her by making him switch places with the dog for the night. Ironically, while Dexter is confident that the dog won't destroy his lab, the dog actually ends up destroying his lab.


  • Dad: Honey, Kids, Come here! I got something to show ya!
  • Mom: (Gasps) Oh, my!
  • Dad: Honey, this trophy is the crowning achievement of my entire life. Wait til the kids see this.

  • Dad: My hopes... My dreams! Shattered in an instant! (Crying)

  • Dad: Hold it right there. You'd like that wouldn't you? Safe in your own little rooms, playing with your little toys, Well it seems you both need a lesson respecting people's property. So this time you're not going to your own rooms? No. You're going to each other rooms instead!

  • Dad: Dexter!
  • Dexter: But, Dad! She'll mess up my room! Okay, I'm going.

  • Dad: Shoot!
  • Dexter: Dad is so busy with his trophy. He won't notice me.

  • Dad: No son of mine had better try to sneak away from his punishment. Or else that certain son might find himself in an even worse punishment.

  • Dad: Dee Dee, wake up. Have you just been sleeping this whole time?
  • Dee Dee: Uh-huh.
  • Dad: Well, I fixed my trophy. So you can come out now.
  • Dee Dee: Yeah!
  • Dad: Come on. Let's go get your brother.

  • Dee Dee: Gee, Dad. Your trophy looks great.
  • Dad: Well thanks, Dee Dee.

  • Dad: You know. I don't want the glue to melt. I'd better cool things down.

  • Dad: Argh!
  • Dee Dee: (Gasps) Dexter, you're naked!
  • Dexter: Now look what you did, Dee Dee. You clumsy fool!
  • Dad: Argh!
  • Dexter: Uh? Well, at least I don't have to worry about the dog destroying my lab.


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