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The Scrying Game
Season 4, Episode 3a
The Scrying Game
Air date May 2, 2003
Production number 405a
Written by Mike Stern
Storyboard by Mike Stern
Directed by Chris Savino (director)

Paul Stec (art direction)

The Scrying Game is the first part of the 3rd episode in Season 4 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on May 2, 2003. In this episode, Dee Dee pretends to be a fortune-teller, and Dexter dismisses everything she says.



  • The episode name is a reference to the 1998 thriller film The Crying Game.
  • Dexter told Dee Dee to save one of Dee Dee's false predictions for the next season, but there is no Season 5.
  • In one scene, Dee Dee's crystal ball, when used by Dexter, is big, but in another scene, the crystal ball is small.
  • The appearance of an evil snowman throughout the episode parodies Jack Frost a 1997 horror-comedy film.

Production Notes

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