Tyler Samuel Lee (born 10 November 1992) was a boy who won a special contest on Cartoon Network to write his own episode of Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter and Computress Get Mandark! featuring his own original character Computress. He also voiced all the characters for his episode.

Tyler Samuel Lee's caricature.

Due to the reason he was 6 and a half when "Dexter and Computeress Get Mandark"! was released in 1998 and he said he was born on 10 November, he was most likely born in 1992.



Gail's second cameo in the episode.

Tyler's mother, Gail E. Hiller Lee helped her son record his episode and her voice could often be heard in the background. As a humorous cameo, a caricature of her was included in the episode every time her voice was heard in the recording. Her voice was heard twice, the first time being when she chuckled at Tyler narrating the sequence where the earth turned into Mandark's head and the second was when she instructed her son to do Mandark's voice.

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